Our Legacy


Leap Group founded and promoted by the members of the PSG family. The PSG family over a 100 years the PSGG family has run numerous businesses and very large charitable institutions.

Currently the PSG trust runs over 40 institutions in South India. Over 50,000 students and doctors graduate from these institutions.

The PSG family also runs various for profit businesses across industries such as textiles, software, real estate, renewable energy, sugars, waste management, agri infrastructure and auto dealerships


On 25th January 1926, a Trust under the name of P.S.GOVINDASWAMY NAIDU & SONS came into being to cater to the growing needs of education and industry. Coimbatore opened a new chapter in its history.

To understand the genesis, growth and objectives of the trust, it is necessary to travel back in time and visualize the social, educational and economic scenario of India in general and city of Coimbatore in particular.

Illiteracy and poverty afflicted the people, while lack of resources and organized services imposed constraints on the government. The city of Coimbatore, as it exists today with all its industrial and educational houses of excellence, could not even have been dreamt of. The entrepreneurs were yet to arrive while education was meant only for an exclusive few, with these being the circumstances, the trust was established and it became the harbinger of education and industrialization in the Coimbatore region.

Board of Directors

Rajeev Karthikeyan

Founder & MD - Leap Green Energy

Nikky Karthikeyan

Founder & ED - Leap India Food & Logistics

Dev Anand Vijayan

Founder & CEO - Leap Green Energy

Professional Team