Dear Friends,

This is an Appeal to contribute towards the benefit of the Uttarakhand Survivors vide a Direct Rehabilitation Program.

The hills of Uttarakhand have seen the worst possible. Presently, the Armed Forces are doing a phenomenal job of rescuing people and the Government(s) are doing whatever they can. All of us are pained; wanting to do our bit; and often asking - `what can I do?’

One big effort shall be required to rehabilitate the local survivors so that they can continue to have livelihood, jobs, homes, education, health etc once the present rescue efforts cease and the government machinery leaves. It is important that they get to live after having survived!

Therefore, here is what we are doing and proposing that you join us.

1. Our Company - LEAP Quality Education Practices – has initiated a Program to deliver Direct Benefit to the local Survivor, viz.

i) Livelihood/occupation = build a shop; buy stocks and fill up the shop shelves; give material like gas/stoves/utensils to run a tea/snack shop
ii) Homes = build a home; repair a home; build a community shelter
iii) Education = get children admitted in running in the plains; get concessions and pay the balance; adopt orphans for education and have them admitted to hostel/schools
iv) Health = get our Doctor friends to move to the hills to conduct relief camps; pick up patients needing surgery/continuous treatment; move them to Dehra Dun and admit in our known hospitals

2. We shall identify the beneficiaries ourselves and through our network of clients, friends, associates etc in the affected areas

3. These beneficiaries shall all be deserving ie marginalized and needing help; and may not necessarily be the `most deserving’

4. Our emphasis being to ensure Direct Benefit to the Survivors; perhaps not to very many; but deep, direct, focused and sustained to provide a proper life to whoever we can ; the scale to depend upon the resources mobilized

5. We have ourselves set apart an amount of Rs 1,00,000/- to begin the Program and are committed to –

i) Set apart 5% of our Gross Receipts from now to at least March 31, 2014
ii) Absorb any and all administrative costs
iii) Use our network/goodwill to buy things at the most economic rates
iv) Making sure that the help given is genuine and impacting
v) Ensure a more than 100% output from each Rupee raised

6. Here is how you can contribute for now –

i) Make a Remittance of Rupees/Dollars/any currecny to -

HDFC BANK C/A 02252560003527
Branch = 56, Rajpur Road, Dehra Dun 248 001,
Uttarakhand, India
International Banking Swift Code (IBAN) = HDFCINBB

ii) Send us an email at with the subject line `UK Survivors Benefit’ with the Name, Address and Contact Number for issuance of Receipt

iii) Spread the word around to your friends/associates/colleagues/relatives and give them an opportunity to contribute as well

7. Later, you must let us know as to how else you can contribute to the Program whether in person or through resources

8. Our website LEAP Foundation shall –

i) Hold this Appeal
ii) List the Contributions received = updated twice a week
iii) Publish the expenditure made = updated twice a week
iv) Give details of Beneficiaries = people, place, work etc = updated twice a week

Lastly, you have our personal guarantee of the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the conduct of this Program.
Looking forward to having you join us in this endeavor and thanking you in anticipation,

Anuradha and Anurag Sangal


We, the constitutents of LEAP quality -education -prctices,humbly and gratefully acknowledege that what ever we seek to offer today-and learn tomorrow -is the culmination of our learning experiences and inspiration while being engaged with many institutions and people -some known and others unknown-which were gracious enough to provide opportunities and share their ,knowledge and talents with us viz.

  • Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore

  • Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai

  • St Joseph's Academy, Dehradun

  • Allahabad Universdity, Allahabad

  • Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

  • Management Development Program, Indian Institute of Management, Ahemdabad

  • National Accreditation Borad of Education and Training (NABET), under the aegis of the Quality Council of India

Service to Society

LEAP quality-education-practices are first a commitment to Society and then a set of professional services.We offer all our modules and services. We offer all our modules and services on a no-profit basis to all individuals and organisations devoted to the cause of providing quality education to the underprivlleged sections of society on a not-for-profit bais.

We have rendered Our Services to the following Institution:

« Sanathan Dharm Girls Inter College
« Him Jyoti School
« Geeta Bhavan's Helga. Todd Teachers Training Center

List of Contributors for Uttarakhand Survivors Rehabilitation Program
As on 2-7-13

Rcpt # Name Place Rupees
Total as of now….and counting 1,156,050
Initial contribution from LEAP Quality Education Practices 100,000
1. Pradeep Shahri Sambalpur, Odisha 20,000
2. Praveen Goyal Noida / USA 20,000
3. Watchtower International Mumbai 11,000
4. Suman Sawadia Bargarh, Odisha 21,000
5. Amit Garga New Delhi 1,000
6. Prof Dayanand Arora Noida / Germany 15,000
7. Satish Agrawal Mumbai 10,000
8. Manoj Gupta Mumbai 10,000
9. Vikram Lall Mumbai 10,000
10. Vivek Lall Mumbai 10,000
11. Rahul Kapoor Mumbai 10,000
12. Pramod Jalan Mumbai / Indonesia 50,000
13. Emerald Jewellry Industries Pvt Ltd Coimbatore 200,000
14. Geeta Pardiwalla Mumbai 10,000
15. Total Food Solutions Pvt Ltd Kolkata 10,000
16. Nath Trust Rajkot 25,000
17. Ashim Gujarati Ahmedabad 25,000
18. Sindhu Udaykumar Chennai / London 1,000
19. Kunda Datta Jadhav Mumbai 10,000
20. Deepak Rastogi Ahmedabad 25,000
21. Amrita Poonia Belgaum, Karnataka 10,000
22. Chandan Sangal Gurgaon 2,000
23. Amandeep Gupta Gurgaon 10,000
24. Raj Agrawal Gurgaon 50,000
25. Rohit Sidhwani Mumbai / Gurgaon 25,000
26. Rama Parikh Mumbai 10,000
27 Sharad Singhvi Mumbai / Sharjah 25,000
28 Sushant Singh Mumbai 100,000
29 Puneet Sabharwal Pune 10,000
30 Sofia Nehra Via NEFT 25,000
31 Swaran Nagpal Dehra Dun 5,000
32 Rahul Kapur Mumbai 2,500
33 Gautam Gupta Patiala / USA 50,500
34 Amit Sekhri Dehra Dun 4,000
35 Deepak Kasthwal Mumbai 11,000
36 Suneetha Karkera Udupi, Karnataka 1,000
37 Dibyendu Dutta Faridabad 5,000
38 Satrajit Chakraborty Zambia 2,000
39 NEFT Receipt To find out 5,000
40 Saloni Agrawal Lucknow 1,001
41 Dr S K Chakraborty Zambia 5,000
42 Deeksha Dudeja Gurgaon 5,000
43 Mayank Kumar Gurgaon 5,000
44 Varun Gupta Pune 5,000
45 Staff of National Mission on Bamboo Applications New Delhi 23,940
46 Antal International Network Mumbai 75,000
47 Shakku Garga Meerut / USA 86,609
48 Pallavi Singh Pune 2,500
49 Sanjay Maheshwari Ahmedbad 25,000
50 Rajesh Bakshi Mumbai 1,25,000
51 Ashok Sangal Jamshedpur 5,001
52 Nandita Ravi Kumar Dehra Dun / USA 11,000
53 Gaurishankar Ahmedbad 25,000
54 Anita Anup Sharma Gurgaon 5,000
Total as of now….and counting 1,352,051

Download the List of Contributors for Uttarakhand Survivors Rehabilitation Program